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Hayden has been caring for my gardens and lawns for many years. The quality of his work has been of highest stand at all times. He has had a continued interest in making improvements with new and innovative, and well researched products to specifically suit and enhance my property, both lawns and gardens.

He has been completely reliable in the regularity of his work, and it’s quality. In particular, I have been living and working overseas for the last 2 years. During that time I have tasked Hayden to upkeep the gardens and lawns of my property. I had complete confidence in the safety and security of doing so. On my return visits during that time, the property was always in excellent condition, and, on my return, the gardens and lawn were in superb condition, in fact a much improved condition than prior to my leaving.

In short, I would highly recommend Hayden’s work, particularly his excellence, attention to detail, and interest to obtain continued improvement for the property with which he is working.

J. Haywood


The Council of Owners at The Mews has employed Hayden Phillips of Image Garden & Reticulation Maintenance to maintain the lawn and garden on our property since 2007.

For perspective, our property consists of 23 town houses, some with private lawns, as well as approximately seven common garden beds and front verge lawns.

In his 10 years of employment, Mr. Phillips’ responsibilities have included:

  • mowing and fertilising lawns on the common property & some private properties
  • pruning trees and hedges on the common property and some private properties
  • landscape design
  • planting new shrubs and trees
  • mulching garden beds maintaining sprinklers and reticulation system

Mr. Phillips has always shown courtesy whilst on site and has been a friendly and easy person to deal with. He is always eager to help with extra jobs that don’t fall under his usual job description and performs his work on time and to an excellent standard.

We have also entrusted him with a key to access our property which has a secure entrance.

Mr. Phillips has been proactive in his approach to his work. For example, about a year ago he redesigned, planted and mjulched our front garden beds at his suggestion and they look absolutely beautiful. The selection of plants, rocks and mulch was perfect for the area and still look under his care.

Our gardens have never looked better at The Mews which makes the job of The Council of Owners much easier.

We couldn’t be happier with his level of professionalism and service and have no reservations in providing an outstanding reference for him.

A. French

Member of the Council of Owners, The Mews


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