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Reticulation Repairs

Perth’s water supply is limited, and the cost of keeping your garden watered can be high.  This is especially true if your reticulation is old, poorly installed or in need of repair.

Broken pipes, missing sprinklers, cracked housings, and leaking solenoids all contribute to an inefficient and costly reticulation system.  This however needn’t be a concern with Image Garden’s inexpensive and convenient Reticulation Repair service.

Our friendly team will come out and assess your reticulation needs, checking your wiring, pipework, sprinklers, solenoids and control box, and will provide you with our quotation for any necessary repairs.  If you have an emergency, we will carry out any needed work immediately.  Otherwise we will happily return at a time convenient to you.

Please take the worry out of your next watering day, and relax in the knowledge that Image Garden and Reticulation Maintenance have got you, and your garden, covered.


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