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Reticulation Maintenance

The best garden on the street inevitably looks lush, green and well-tended.  This is hard to achieve without a reticulation system that operates perfectly every time it turns on.

It is our job at Image Garden and Reticulation Maintenance to ensure that this happens.

We have a dedicated team of industry professionals, who will ensure your reticulation is in perfect working order ready for all that summer brings.

As part of our ongoing reticulation maintenance program, we will undertake an initial full test of your system, after which you will be advised of any required repairs, or suggested upgrades.

We will program and check your reticulation controller, prime your solenoids to reduce water hammering, ensure all sprinklers are optimised with the most efficient spray patterns, and undertake any authorised repairs.

Once your system is fully operational, we can return throughout the year, on an agreed schedule, to ensure the entire system remains optimal.

At the end of the watering season, we suggest a final maintenance check, where Image Garden and Reticulation Maintenance will program your system for non-watering, and will leave it dormant and ready for the next year.

With our complete Maintenance and Repair service, you need never worry about your reticulation again.

If you want peace of mind, contact us today.


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