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When you’re happy to proceed, we charge $99 including arrival and a 15 minute consultation with testing. We then charge $99/hr per technician plus any parts required. For new installations we provide a full written quote.


When it’s your lawn and garden on the line, trust the experts.

Reticulation – Irrigation – Sprinkler Systems

We provide professional reticulation maintenance services including:


Installing and programming control boxes
Sprinkler maintenance
Cracked and broken pipe repairs
Solenoid valve repair
Fixing Low pressure problems
Fixing wiring issues
Seasonal servicing of existing reticulation systems
Reticulation flushing
Modifying existing reticulation systems to be more water wise


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Our Services


Fertilising is a vital part of gardening especially in Perth where soil quality is often poor. We only use quality products that we use on our own gardens including Eco-Growth.


We provide professional reticulation maintenance services including installing and programming control boxes, sprinkler maintenance, cracked and broken pipe repairs, solenoid valve repair and more.


The benefits of mulching your garden includes reducing evaporation of water from the soil, regulating soil temperature, controlling weed growth, reducing soil erosion, suppressing pests and adding nutrients as it breaks down.


Our knowledge of pests and diseases is vast and will help you to ensure your garden looks it’s best all year round. We use only quality pest control products that are effective and long-lasting.


Image Garden and Reticulation Maintenance can deliver impressive rental and commercial property clean ups for routine and final inspections.

Image Garden & Reticulation Maintenance is a local Western Australian owned company with 10 years of professional industry expertise


Urgent Reticulation Repairs

We move fast!


Diagnosing Wire Faults

Our experience will help get to the bottom of any tricky electrical faults


Reticulation Installation

From a small garden set up to large lawns, we’re here to deliver the right system for your needs


Locating & Replacing Solenoid Valves

Let the experts find and fix the problems without costing you the earth!


Reticulation Controller Replacement

Access to all major brands at Perth’s best prices


Reticulation Modifications and Upgrades

A full range of water wise products to keep your garden lush!

We Can Move Fast to Rescue Your Lawn

Broken parts, faulty solenoids or electrical system faults? Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to move quickly with specialist reticulation parts from all the major suppliers. Our specialist team & equipment means the job can be done quickly and smoothly.


We've Sharpened Our Pencils

We know it needs to be affordable and we are after long term relationships with our clients. Managing trades and keeping a tight reign on the purse strings is a great skill of ours.


Mark It As Done

On Budget & On Time. We have the capacity and flexibility to deliver the job to the agreed schedule.

Reticulation – irrigation – sprinkler systems

Perth’s water supply is limited, and the cost of keeping your garden watered can be high.  This is especially true if your reticulation is old, poorly installed or in need of repair.

Broken pipes, missing sprinklers, cracked housings, and leaking solenoids all contribute to an inefficient and costly reticulation system.  This however needn’t be a concern with Image Garden’s inexpensive and convenient Reticulation Repair service.

Our friendly team will come out and assess your reticulation needs, checking your wiring, pipework, sprinklers, solenoids and control box, and will provide you with our quotation for any necessary repairs.  If you have an emergency, we will carry out any needed work immediately.  Otherwise we will happily return at a time convenient to you.

Please take the worry out of your next watering day, and relax in the knowledge that Image Garden and Reticulation Maintenance have got you, and your garden, covered.

servicing: Perth Metro Area 

Our Projects


Hayden has been caring for my gardens and lawns for many years. The quality of his work has been of highest stand at all times. He has had a continued interest in making improvements with new and innovative, and well researched products to specifically suit and enhance my property, both lawns and gardens.’

J. Haywood


Mr. Phillips has always shown courtesy whilst on site and has been a friendly and easy person to deal with. He is always eager to help with extra jobs that don’t fall under his usual job description and performs his work on time and to an excellent standard.

A. French

Member of the Council of Owners, The Mews


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